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Heroes of the Bible – The story of Moses and the Burning Bushes (Exodus 7-12)

We are now on the second week of the Heroes of the bible series. This time the Kids Church will be discussing about Moses and the Burning Bushes.

The aim of the story is to show to the children that the real hero should be obedient and persistent. In Exodus 7 – 12, the story tells that Moses learnt that he needed to obey God’s instruction and never give up – these two qualities enabled him to lead the millions of Israelites out of the egypt and through the wilderness.

For the arts and crafts we prepared Burning Bush Paper Plate




  • Paper plate
  • Construction papers (red,orange and yellow)
  • glue
  • crayons



Cut the template by drawing the tree into the plate.


Then let the kids color it by using crayons or water color if available.


Once it covered, glue the colored papers to act as a flame.


Lastly, let the kids read the memory verse and enjoy the artwork.


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