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Hotdog Buns and Garlic Herbs Bread

For quite sometime now, I’ve been posting in the Facebook about my passion and that is baking. Yes!! My baking mojo is back and I am delighted to share the two breads I tried last Saturday.

It started lang when I have excess dough from the Cinnamon Roll that little A requested me to bake. Since I already baked quite enough for our consumption, I thought of trying the Hotdog buns and bring it to our meeting. I wanted them to try my bread kasi the kids from the Kids Ministry likes to eat Hotdog Buns from Al Sham Bakery near our place. So I thought it would be a nice idea of I will venture my passion into business. 

Fresh from the oven I asked little A to taste it so he can give his feedback and I asked him which one is more delicious and he agreed that my Hotdogs Buns are far from what they are eating. This could be my chance to be “negosyante”..hahaha

I wanted to share the recipe kaso baka maudlot ang business ko..hahaha!!

I’ll show na lang some of the photos para matakam kayo..

Hotdog Buns and Garlic Herbs Bread


If you are interested or curious if it’s really yummylicious then it’s better to order now!! I am accepting orders na!!



You can send me message or if we are friends in Facebook I’m just one message away! Free delivery pa..





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