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Teaching kids about bible – Jacob gets Esau’s birthright (Genesis 25: 19-34)



So here’s a long overdue post. I’m sure this is not new anymore and you’re used to the delays by now. No worries, I’ll make this worth your time.

I am proud to say that Daddy A is now part of Kids Ministry and I am so elated to share his first teaching. This is so precious to me and our family. For most of you who doesn’t know my husband, he’s the typical shy guy who is so afraid talking in front of so many people. But believe me pagdating sa kulitan wala kang panalo sa kanya except syempre saken na mas malakas many-asar!haha

Supposed to be he should be observer muna but Teacher Marina asked him if he can teach the Level 1 since he already know how things goes every Friday. He was hesitant to accept the responsibility but with me boosting his confidence he said yes.

Side kwento muna – the night before his schedule he had a car accident in the middle of Emirates Road that lead us to stay outside till 3am in the morning. It was a long story that deserves a separate post but the good thing is he’s alive and nobody get hurt. And since he’s so puyat parang he wants to give up his schedule and he asked me if I can replace him since he’s not prepared and was saddened by the accident. And because I don’t want to stressed him out I said yes and I prepared my lesson buti na lang favorite story ko si Esau and Jacob. The next day to my surprise he was very busy doing his lesson and the activity,he said that the holy spirit spoke to him and made him realized na baka it was the enemy trying to control him to follow his hearts desire of serving God through teaching.

Fast forward the story, he executed well. It maybe his first time but while watching him sharing his insights to the kids, I thanked God for giving me a husband who has a desire to have a deeper relationship with HIM.

The lesson is about the twin brother Esau and Jacob and how Jacob used the situation to cheat to his brother so he can get the birthright. The aim of the story is to show that greed and selfishness can cause trouble to the families.

For the presentation he make it simple. You can never go wrong with toys as illustration. It was such a hit to the kids and everyone were really interested. To increase child’s participation thanks to Teacher Claire who also prepared a role-playing by using simple props and letting the kids re-enact the story. Their tandem was really a blast!

For the arts and crafts -He used paper plate and cut a heart shape in the center of the plate. Then he let the kids enjoyed doing the design using the red construction paper. Since I always wanted to work with the fine motor skills I suggested that the decors should be a small piece of papers para kids can use their pincer grasp and can work with the gluing.

And for the memory verse (Psalm 51:10) Create in me a clean heart O God..








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