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Let’s talk about cloth diaper,shall we?

Switching over to cloth diapers after using disposables for my first born son is a major decision for us. But what made me really pursue turning into eco-friendly diaper is knowing the good effect to our baby bum.

For quite sometime he has this diaper rash that can’t be treated no matter what kind of diaper rash cream we used. We are not also using wipes but only water and mustella liquid soap when washing him with poop. I persuaded hubby to switched and told him that maybe baby wiggle is allergic to disposable. I knew i am 100% sure that I wanted to do this but at the same time Im also worried that I may not able to do it correctly. In fact to be honest what really make me nervous is the fact the we need to wash every soiled diaper right away.

After talking to one of my online friend which I met of course through N@W,big shout out to Bhey !!- she gave the link where I can order the cloth diaper online without shipping charge. Is that cool?! Sometimes kasi mas mahal pa ang shipping fee kesa sa pinurchase.

Anyway after two weeks of waiting the package arrived and I am extremely happy to tried it right away. I ordered for 12 pocket cloth diapers (opens on one side) with MF inserts.


A pocket diaper has a “pocket” running from front to back for the absorbent inserts, usually shaped like a supersized maxi pad, to be “stuffed” into. Once stuffed, the pocket diaper works much like a disposable, stays together in a diaper bag, and is very user-friendly. Once wet or dirty however, most pocket diapers do need to be “un-stuffed” before washing, which means you have to get your hands dirty touching the inserts and diapers to separate the two.



After about 1 month using cloth diapers on our little guy, I can tell you  the advantages of pocket cloth diapers:

  • Easy to put on – act like a disposable, so they’re very user-friendly for people who don’t do cloth diapering all the time, like babysitters or relatives.
  • Can stuff extra inserts for added absorbency or easily bulk up near the front for boys or center for girls.
  • Very travel-worthy – because they don’t come apart once stuffed, it’s easy to pop one or two in the diaper bag and know that they’ll be ready to put on baby when you reach your destination.
  • Cozy and comfortable
  • Dry fairly easily overall since all the pieces come apart.
  • Super cute designs
  • Most inserts are interchangeable between brands, adding versatility.


I am newbie in CD but I am telling this is worth every penny. Sunbaby pocket diapers cost me aed 268 including the inserts and up to now I am a happy mommy and a satisfied client. We no longer buying disposables and most specially the rashes fade away and that’s because of cloth diapers. Yipeee!!




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