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Letter to Baby Wiggle @ 4months


Wow 4 months old you are already. I know I write this to you every month but it seems impossible to me that you’ve been in our life for 4 months now. Whew! 

I want you to know that you bring so much joy and love to us every single day. You smile all the time for us and your effort at giggling make us laugh.

Well, to be honest up to this time you haven’t a big fan of your car seat that’s why almost everyday even in our house we are practicing placing you in your carseat to avoid the dramas. Yes- honey, you can be a big dramatic star whenever you’re crying. We’re trying not to let you manipulate us too much but goodness,it’s hard not to be!


You are exploring with your hands and you’ve found a new joy eating your fingers. Since you are doing it everyday, daddy A bought teether because he believes that it could soothe you but it was a wrong move. You were not happy about it that sometimes you yell at us.You make all sort of noises,coos and you also talk to us and go back and forth with noises when we copy you. You’re still demanding when you get fussy and want us to hold you and walk around.


We think you are a strong baby. You can hold up your head to look around and you love to stand up/ You can hold of your weight on those teenie-tiny feet!We aren’t sure how much you weigh,but we will find out at your four month check up and vaccination next week.



My son you are such a treasure to us. We love you very much. We are treasuring these moments with you. You are adorable and we are so proud your with us. Our little sunshine!



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