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DIY Photoshoot of Superbrothers

There’s nothing sweeter than a sweet,adorable and smiling sibling!

Even before his brother was born, it was obvious that this handsome superhero was going to be the most loving and caring big brother a little boy could ever ask for!

Fast forward last week he proudly showed off his baby brother and carefully posed for photos with him.

They were such gorgeous and relaxed kids! Truly a dream to capture these precious moments.

Working on their pictures makes me cry. Love the way they enjoyed the camera.

Superhero theme would be perfect for them because Kuya A is into heroes  now a days.

Presenting the Superbrothers!!

Superbrothers - 11

Superbrothers - 04

Superbrothers - 24

Superbrothers - 20

Superbrothers - 25

Superbrothers - 21

Superbrothers - 08

Superbrothers - 32

Superbrothers - 27

Superbrothers - 17

Superbrothers - 23


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