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Updates with pictures

Here is a a little update on some of what has happened in our lives this past month. (not in order necessarily.)

Early January when little A pays visit to the dentist. The dentist from Healthplus opposite Burjuman was kid friendly. She cleaned little A’s teeth and did two fillings on his molar. At first we are very hesitant if little A will cause drama but the dentist knows her craft that she made little A at ease the first he sat on the dental chair.
I think this is mid January when parents were invited to attend Parents Engagement week. With this activity parents were encouraged to take time and participate with the given task.There were 3 options to choose healthy breakfast,outdoor reading and boat making using recycled materials. I chose the last as the timing is suitable to my schedule and besides I know that little A would love boat sailing.
With this activity we were provided with recycled materials that can be used to make boat. We construct the boat along with little A’s friend and once we are done they tried to sail the boat with the water trays.

This was a fun math activities. We started with talking about additions and subtraction and been using little A’s toys and  dominoes for easy understanding.



photo 3-1


photo 2-1

We are also practicing his writing skills and tried to answer his workbook.

photo 1-1

He’s a fan of homemade toasted pastillas that Raquiza made for us. I don’t know if she will allow me to post the recipe but this is our comfort food so far! Ang sarap!


And lastly, we had so much fun last Tuesday. It was Sports Day and we are all complete to cheer for little A. In fact the night before he reminded us to be present so we can cheer for him. And we obliged!




That’s all for now got to go now and manood pa kong Got to Believe.

 Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!


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