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My Chinito baby from Pink Pepper Photography

photo 1 We finally got the official picture of baby wiggle  and we are more than a happy and satisfied client.

photo 2

As I mentioned in my previous post that after our private viewing session we were told that the chosen picture will be ready only within 4-6 weeks (maximum) but I guess I got a call from them even before the waiting period and they asked us to collect it from their shop which is located in second floor, opposite Book World, The Dubai Mall. We just presented our receipt and the small print out of the chosen image and viola they handed the paper bag containing the printed picture and CD.

Presenting ” Baby Wiggle as Mr. Suave”/ “Oh my Chinito” baby!!

photo 3

Out of 35 images we narrowed it down to 10 then 5 then from best of five daddy,mommy and Kuya A voted for this one. We asked kuya A which one among the five is his favorite and he pointed out this super cute picture.Although I tempted to get the yawning picture kaso naman the image cost arm and leg so settled sa free..hehe. After all the best thing in life is free, right?!

As a stage mom I am super kilig with it kasi it captured his cuteness overload. Sabi ko nga ke Raquiza ” sana paglaki nya wala siang mapaiyak na babae sa kanyang kapogian”..hehe

photo 4

For photo session you may contact them at:

Pink Pepper Photography

Unit 88, Second floor Opposite Book World/ Kinokuniya

The Dubai Mall

04 – 434 0437


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