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Letter to baby wiggle @ 3 months

How are you baby wiggle? You are now 3 months old and we are all excited. Your third month was full of new little milestone,changes,and lots of smiles. Your smiles makes our heart beat fast and you’ve been using those smiles to communicate with us.


You hate it whenever mommy will go out to run some errands because you knew that you need to use bottles.At first you hate the nips but with a little patience and a bit of practice, now, you’ve done well at taking a bottle. But I am glad that you’ve continued to do pretty well breastfeeding.


We took you to the hospital because of clogged nose and cough. Mommy was so worried that it may lead to pneumonia but the doctor advised that we just have to used Ocean’s spray and Nasal Aspirator. I can’ believe that despite of being sick you still managed to gain weight.


You’re also getting very strong,getting close to hold you head completely on your own and we are always shocked by your strong little legs.  You are little fussy when you can’t get your sleep. You like to talk,coo,scream and yell to get our attention. You are so much more alert,smiley,happy and occasionally demanding.

You love your kuya so much that this afternoon you laughed so loud while kuya A is doing his dancing tricks. I thank God for the bond that you and your big brother have.

You are so special and we are reminding ourselves to cherish every day with you. We love you so much and happy 3rd month!!



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