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Baby Wiggle with Pink Pepper Photography

One of the perks of giving birth to Mediclinic City Hospital is receiving a diaper bag full of freebies. And one of my favorite freebie was the complimentary voucher from Pink Pepper Photography.To capture the precious moments of the new born babies Mediclinic partnered with Pink Pepper Photography for one hour professional studio session .

The free voucher includes one high quality 6×4 print of your choice (also offered as a medium resolution digital copy).

inigo pictorialThe complimentary  voucher will expire within  60 days after giving birth so we tried to book the appointment early December but unfortunately December and January was their peak season and all the dates were blocked.We scheduled it January 13,2014. Originally, we wanted to have  family shoot kaso kuya A was really not feeling well kaya si baby wiggle na lang.


Overall the experience was awesome!The shoot was very smooth, the photographer was really accommodating and very talented. In fact he recommend to comeback and he will do the family session but as you know it took us 3 weeks before the viral infection left us.


Anyway, after the photo shoot we were advised to booked for the private viewing of the photos. You cannot view the images kasi on the same day kasi daw they will still edit some images.

Once you chose na your free picture they will also provide us the soft copy with medium resolution. they said that we can print the image up to 8 x 10 maximum. Or we can choose other images by paying aed 250 for low res (images can be upload in Facebook only) or aed 720 high res (images can be printed into life size portrait).

To be honest, we don’t want to shell out extra money we just wanted to get our freebies but the images were so amazing. There are lots of images that really captured the cuteness of baby wiggle. I will share the image (chosen one) once we get it from studio.

In the meantime this is one of the picture that Raquiza captured using her mobile. Ang cute no?



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