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Christmas Calendar Countdown: Day 16- Date with mommy

Since I am scheduled to meet kuya A’s teacher for his performance review, I thought this will also a good chance for us to bond together. Although kuya loves his brother so much there are times I that am spending more time with baby wiggle. To which he understand naman and never I heard him complaining about it. I am glad that jealousy is not on his personality and I hope he will stay as kind and loving big brother to baby wiggle.

To make up for the lost time we ate happy meal as his request.We rode in the metro and bus which is his favorite part. We chat in starbucks and we had his favorite dessert at Cinnabon.
We had so much fun especially meeting tita Raquiza to buy her christmas presents for my sons.
Kuya A will surely be surprise opening his presents.
Thank you so much sexy Santa Raquiza for giving mommy’s request! hehe


When we were about to sleep I ask kuya if he enjoy our date he said ” U had so much fun but next time let’s ride taxi, ok?. I am so tired mommy!”..haha



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