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Christmas Calendar Countdown: Day 11 – Frosty the Snowman

Today’s activity is super-cute
and easy Christmas craft for kids to make.

For Day 11 we made Frosty the Snowmantissue roll craft!

Actually the materials are things that you likely have around the house:

toilet roll
old socks
old buttons
paper (orange and white)
washi tape
googly eyes

How to make a toilet roll snowman:

We started by wrapping a strip of paper around the tube.Then taped it, to make sure it stayed in place.
Next we used the elastic part of the sock as bottom of the hat buy instead of gluing the hat I prefer to used the washi tape para cute.
You may use markers to draw eyes or use googly eyes
Lastly we glue the buttons on his belly..


There you have it! From recycle material turned into a cutie christmas craft..


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