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Letter to Baby Wiggle – One month old

Hello my little kuting!

I simply cannot believe it’s been a month since the doctor put your tiny warm body on my chest.

I will never forget the moments when you were just days old that I was able to comfort you for the first time.







Your kuya,dad and I talk about you all the time to each other. We love you so much! We still can’t believe you’re here and so sweet. We think you’re a great baby and feel very lucky!

Getting to know you during your first month has been truly remarkable. You have brought so much joy into our lives and becoming your mom has brought me so much fulfillment. Breastfeeding has been my favorite thing to do. It’s our connection and I dont mind waking up at night feeding you.

Your little personality is shining more and more and you have a spark to you! I cherish you, my baby wiggle!


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