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Jesus Miracles – The Healing of Paralytic Man

Teaching kids the word of God can be more fun when it is incorporated with creative teaching and bible crafts.

Couple of weeks ago I was assigned along with my co- Teacher Don to teach one of Jesus miracles. We were supposed to teach 5-6 years old but then we all agreed to combined na din yung 3-4 years old. Teacher Clarisse prepared a movie clip that narrates the story of The Healing of the Paralytic Man.

The kids were all attentive watching the story and they were all amazed how Jesus forgive and healed the man.

The story is about faith. And how faith works.It teaches us two things (1) the persistence of the four friends. Their faith is demonstrated by their creativity, boldness and persistence to open the roof. They allowed nothing to stop them just to helped their paralytic friend (2) the power of the Lord. Jesus was filled with the power to heal. In Luke 5- 17-26 it is stressing that Jesus is a God empowered man. He is filled and led by the holy spirit.

After the movie there were a brief discussion with Teacher Clarisse where she asked the kids some questions about the story. Infairness naman with them as in very behave silang lahat at lahat ay nakinig and nakasagot. Special thanks to Teacher Marina super galing mag discipline.

Since I am responsible with memory verse and bible craft I prepared a very simple activity. I downloaded handprint from google and each kid will write the name of the persons they want to pray all the time. Di ba kasi we always asked for Jesus to lay his healing hands to us whenever na nagkakasakit tayo or when we prayed for someone close to us we always touched them and comfort them with our hands. As being said our hands is used for praying, loving and touching not for hurting.

Children should be taught to pray at a young age. and this craft will remind them thay they can pray any time and by faith we can have the promises of Gods Word.










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