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Pregnancy updates @ 34 weeks…

pregnancy updates @ 34 weeks

Good evening everyone!  How are you enjoying the long weekend?

This maybe my last update and I would like to thank you for joining me all through out my pregnancy journey!!

How i’m feeling: Feelin’ well. Just soaking in all of the time I have left with baby wiggle in my belly. I know I will be thrilled when he is out, but I will miss feeling his move and kick.

How far along: 34 weeks and 1 day

Maternity Clothes: some maternity, some regular. Whatever is comfortable!

Movement: yes, he is very active. His movements have changed since he has gotten bigger.

Sleep: I think my body is trying to get lil prepared so there are nights can’t hardly sleep.

Symptoms: I get a little uncomfortable after a big meal, and in the evenings. I have been having contractions for a few weeks now. My OB advised me that she might induce me either end of October or 1st week of November if my blood pressure will not be stable. I am still monitoring my blood pressure and my sugar and if you can say a little prayer for me and baby wiggle, I will truly appreciate it. Nakita din kasi sa growth scan na konti na lang panubigan ko,so she’s really considering that I should give birth na kesa magka eclampsia pa ko..

Best moments this week (past couple weeks):
– shopping for baby essentials and some newborn clothes.

– since last month is super sale we took the chance of buying maxi cosi carrier and graco high chair. Thanks to our rewards points from First Gulf Bank.

-I guess were almost complete and ready for him to come.

Looking forward to:
+every week. I know he is getting really big in there, so I am just trying to enjoy feeling his move (even though it hurts sometimes) and remember it, because I know I will miss it when he is out.
+spending most of my time to little A and preparing him for baby wiggle’s arrival.


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