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Flag and Nationality Day

Little A’s assignment is about flag and nationalities. And as a filipino he needs to represent the Philippine flag.

After printing the flag, I prepared the materials that we will be needing to decorate the flag.
While we are doing the activity little A and I are discussing the flag. He then asked me to teach him the tagalog of the colors.

Little A- what is the tagalog of blue mommy

Mommy – Blue is asul

Little A – Ah it’s usal

Mommy – No its Asul

Little A – How about red

Mommy – Red is Pula. Say Pula

Little A – Paula..

Mommy – Not Paula it should be Pula. Again say Pula.

Little A – Dula

Mommy – Ok. we’ll study more tagalog next time,ok. But for the meantime, can you say something about your flag.

Little A – Today, I have Philippine flag because I am a filipino.

Mommy – Wow, that’s nice can you tell me how did you do that? (pointing to the flag)

Little A – I used blue and red paint and for the stars and sun I used yellow color.

Mommy – Yehey! Very Good! ( ang babaw ko noh)!! Haha









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