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Junior Master Chef..

I was quite busy editing pictures of little A for his “Learning Journey” it’s a record book in his class which contains samples of child’s work, photographic evidence and teachers comments or observations on each child.

Since his school wants the parents to be involved in their learning process, we are asked to contribute to little A’s”Learning Journey” book.
We need to submit or record something amazing that little A has done at home.

While I was prepping I can hear him outside the room that he wanted to write the recipe for Corn Cupcakes. He used my old phone to list down the ingredients and direction..

Hmmm..a Junior Master Chef in the making..

While his typing the words, I heard that he’s applying the jolly phonics that he has learned from his school.

Now, I’m sure he really love baking! Could this be the sign that he can be chef in the future?!! hehe..



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