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First Day of School

Are your mornings crazy busy as you try to get your kiddo prepped back to school.

It’s finally here, Little A’s first day of school! He was so scared this morning,but then a few minutes later,while waiting for his school bus to arrive, all was good.

Little A is now in FS-2{gasp!!}} and I wanted a fun way to document his first day.

Mommy- little A its time to wake up.. school starts today..
Little A – I’m still sleepy mom. It’s still dark. Look at my eyes so red..

I opened the curtain to show that it’s morning already.

When we stepped out on our bed Tita Mirram prepared his school bag including his lunch box.I bathed him and daddy A put on his clothes. He’s ready by 6am and his service came around 6:20am.

Hubby and I are kinda anxious it was his first time to ride on the bus and we are so worried that he might cry again. But like what they said “hayaan mong mg-isa para masanay”..

I kept on looking on the clock to make sure that I will not be late picking him up. I am so thrilled to his kuwento. And as expected he has lots of story to tell.

Wishing your kids (and you) an awesome school year!











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