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How to Make Paper Plate Turtle Craft

How to Make Paper Plate Turtle..

This month of July the Kids Ministry organized a very interesting activities for the kids. The summer workshop aims to showcase the gifts and talents of our children.
Since little A loves creating artwork, he was enrolled in arts and crafts to develop his inner talents. This summer workshop culminated with a lot of very fun and easy activities! Armed with his great experience he insist of doing arts and crafts today. He likes to paint and create turtle.

Here’s a tutorial for a simple arts and crafts:

What you need
paper plates
construction paper
double-sided tape or masking tape
green tempera paint
paint brush
googly eye



Cut the paper plates in half.
Cut out a head/leg shape from the construction paper.
I found that a slightly rounded piece worked for all 3 pieces. You will need 3 per turtle.
Help the kids to taped the heads and legs on the paper plate and googly eye by using glue.
Let the kid paint the paper plate.
Let it dry and Enjoy!







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