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Little A’s Monster Inc. Party – Dessert Table

As you know little A is a huge fan of the two lovable monsters, Sully and Mike so I created him Monster Inc. party for his 4th birthday.

But, its challenging to find Monsters Inc /University party supplies especially here in UAE.
I knew I would like to have a cute party set-up so I need to come up with some ideas.
If you’re looking for a way to celebrate your “Little Monster’s” big day,
here are some fun ways you can decorate and host your own party.

Dare to scream by this lively and bright Monster’s Party.

Dessert Table:

Onto the Dessert Table which lets face it, is everyone’s favorite part of the party, right?

For the dessert table I used coordinating blue and mint green crepe paper streamers for the backdrop, as well as the banner made by Ninang Aemi. I also thought a few treats would suffice for the guests, and kept it extra sweet with ube cake and cheesecake made by Ate Cecille.To give my table a cohesive look,cupcakes with monster characters as toppers were part of the buffet.












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