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Movie Date – Monsters University

When I found out that the two lovable monster will be back on-screen, hubby and I got really excited not for ourselves but for the little boy who is so fascinated with monster.

Little A is a huge fan of Mike and Sully and I can’t count on my fingers how many times we watched Monster Inc.

It took 12 years for Pixars to brings us Monsters University, a prequel. The story focuses with Mike and Sully, two monsters just trying to be the best Scarers they can be. And how the worst enemies became best friends in the end. The story has a clear message of never giving up on your dream, no matter what’s the obstacles, disappointments as long as you are giving your best and putting your heart into it, you will succeed.
I don’t want to sound spoiler but I recommend this family movie and I guarantee that everyone will have a good laugh.







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