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Pregnancy updates @ 16 weeks…

Just popping in with a quick update — I’m 16 weeks pregnant!!

I started feeling a lot better around this time, and I’m so glad to say that I have a ton more energy and nausea is almost nonexistent  though there are times I still can’t control the vomiting issue especially when I smell lotion, strong perfume or when I’m on an empty stomach, so I try not to let myself get too hungry.

Heartburn is my main issue, and I have tried almost everything to get it to go away.  I had it bad with little A, but I can’t say it was as bad as this.  There are times when it nearly incapacitates me and I have to go sit down.

For cravings, I always want to eat croissant from Seattle’s Best almost everyday for breakfast. One thing I noticed there are foods which I super enjoyed eating before being pregnant that I cant stand the taste now a days.Previously, I’d love peanut butter in my toasted bread but now it taste awful to me.

My next appointment is on 22nd of June and by that time there’s a possibility of knowing the gender, which I am really looking forward to. I am excited and a teensy bit nervous.

Thanks again for supporting me and being here for me to share this with.

Happy Independence Day Philippines!!



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