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My pregnancy vanity ek-ek..

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week!.. Today’s topic is all about “pregnancy vanity” or in short umaarteng buntis..haha

Like any other mommies we should be cautious on any beauty products that we used everyday, simply because some topical ingredients get absorbed into the bloodstream and passed thru to our babies.

Pero aminin sometimes we just want to look pretty kahit buntis. I’m not the type of preggy kasi na nag go-glow ang skin kahit buntis. Well, for some reason I can’t find time to fix myself before going to work. I woke up super late my routine is ligo,bihis then go na without combing my hair. I combed my hair if it’s dry na kasi I have extreme falling hair.

But last week while waited for hubby in Mall of the Emirates, I got the chance to stopped by sa The Bodyshop store. I really don’t have any intentions of buying anything aside from my body scrub ung para loofah pero plastic (ano ngang tawag dun??)

While I was inside the shop I saw my favorite lip and cheek stain naexcite lang ako kya I took one and I was supposed to go to the counter na when I walked through their BB cream products. I loved using BB cream but again I need to stop now that I’m pregnant but when I asked the promo girl if their products are safe for preggy mom she said yes kasi di ba The Bodyshop products  are all animal free testing and their products are made from mostly natural ingredients. Since I was already getting make-up items I also bought na din facial powder di pa pala kasama ung sponge dun separate pa. After paying my bills I realized  that I exceeded to my budget. Ubos na ung allowance ko for one month..haha

I am no expert when it comes to vanity what good for me may not be good for others. I choose to use their products because gusto ko lang umarte at maging maganda..haha. In fact yesterday I received compliments that I look pretty daw..chos! By the way, I am using Cetaphil for my face..di pa naman ako gumanda sa kaartehan kong yan..hehe

Here’s my loot:

this will always be my favorite kasi it looks like I’m always blushing..mamula-mula lang ang pisngi..
one of my latest find and I absolutely loving hides my blemishes..
I’m always using L’Oreal foundation but this is also good for my skin tone..
super lambot sa body especially with L’Occitane milk and Honey body wash



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