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What do I want? What do I really want on Mother’s Day..

Since becoming a mother my sweet husband has never asked me what I want, or what I want to do to celebrate the occasion.
But given a chance I have plenty of things in mind. My head spins with ideas. The idea of breakfast in bed sounds good but I can’t wake up so early and eat at the same time.A fancy dinner out seems like a nice idea but we are on a tight budget! hehe..

But, I also play tug o’ war between the ideas of catching up with Gossip Girl or Grey’s Anatomy series vs. spending time with little A.

What do I want? What do I really want?


That’s when it dawned on me that my expectations for what Mother’s Day was supposed to be like was never based on reality. It was always based on movies and television and commercials — and my imagination. It was based on images from cards and magazine articles.


This year, I don’t have any wants or desires for Mother’s Day other than to wake up and do what I should have been doing all along … and that is just feeling really thankful that once again I am blessed with another baby and a little boy who call me Mommy every day.


Happy Mother’s Day to all..


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