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Kids News: PAZ Marketing launches Bambinoz;a new kids agency that helps brands reach mothers.

We all know how moms are so OC when it comes to our babies demands. And I can’t deny the fact that I am one of those mommies who always wanted to make sure that I am only giving the best for our son and future baby.

And because moms are empowered and knowledgeable consumers I can say that we are very important marketing demographic. A new generation moms looking for ideas and products that will help us to define ourselves while creating, entertaining and fun experience for our family.

Now here’s the good news..PAZ Marketing launches Bambinoz;a new kids agency that helps brands reach mothers.

Bambinoz is a brand new concept for the UAE that helps brands tap into the worlds of marketing for moms.


Bambinoz offers dedicated expertise in public relations, social media, word-of-mouth communications, online marketing, events and CSR activities for brands wanting to target mothers with young charges. From top-tier media relations and buzz-generating special events to active social media community management and cause-marketing partnerships, Bambinoz makes sure that the mom demographic enjoys the spotlight.

“Conventional marketing has often had rather a blind spot when it comes to appealing to mothers. Just because a person has children doesn’t drop them off the social radar. In fact, most mothers are very active in appreciating and consuming new ideas and products. They just want brands to understand their new responsibilities and work with them to create experiences that are fun not just for them but also for their kids. This is where Bambinoz can help. We help brands craft communication and messaging that appeals to mums and their children,” said Zeina Akkawi, Managing Partner, Bambinoz.

Bambinoz’s core strength comes from its team of experts who have had years of experience in events and PR, and understand the nuances of targeting various markets. They are also familiar with the mom demographic, and understand what appeals to parents.

“Our employees hail not only from other top public relations agencies, but from key positions in the worlds of journalism, social media, online marketing — meaning we offer a combination of capabilities well beyond those of a typical PR firm. We have the expertise and, importantly, the longstanding relationships you need to create demand for your brand among moms. But most importantly, we understand that mothers aren’t just a demographic – they’re individual people with a varied range of interests and hobbies, held together by the common thread that they now have new responsibilities to include in their schedules” she added.

Bambinoz specializes in marketing kid brands, talent shows and events in the UAE and the GCC region. The firm already has a network of affiliates in Qatar and Lebanon. It helps marketers understand that the parent demographic is in fact an intuitive mix of two audiences – parents and their young children – both of whom have very different but interestingly convergent needs. Child happiness and fulfillment has a direct correlation with parent satisfaction.

“Kids are imaginative, creative, intuitive, honest and fascinating to observe, especially at play or simply conversing with their friends.They have a wonderful way of seeing and interpreting the world they live in. Their parents recognize this, and want brands to be aware of this as well. This is where Bambinoz can be an essential conduit that helps brands win over moms by keeping children interested” Zeina added.

So let Bambinoz be your first step in the greatest journey you will ever take!

For more information please contact Bambinoz:

Zeina Akkawi or Neeru Kundvani

+971 4 2980808



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