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Beauty Within @ Fluid Salon,DMC

Living in Dubai our hair is subjected to some pretty harsh conditions. Year round sunshine, AC and smoggy air. No matter how rigorous our home routine is, a quick trip to the salon on a regular basis is something we can do to our crowning glory.

With my hair looking dry, frizzy, unmanageable and certainly not as smooth as I’d like, I went to Fluid Salon located in Concord Tower, Dubai Media City near our office. Yipeee!!

They say first impression last and I certainly always found this to be true – the décor here is stylish and contemporary and refreshingly light and airy.

After analyzing my hair I learnt that it is slightly dehydrated.Now that I am pregnant, I knew that I can’t keep my hair tidy so I opted to cut it short but not to the point I’ll look balyena.

The hairdresser cleaned my hair thoroughly using L’Oreal products. This was followed by gentle massage on my scalp which I may have dozed off.

Being guilty of not having had hair treatment for quite sometime, I saw fabulous results. My hair was incredibly soft and smooth and ready to face the world again.

Hair Cut costs Dhs 150 but it’s worth every penny!

For further details you may visit their website







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