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Hello Wednesday I’m Back!

Hello everyone!

I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever (well, technically its been 8 days–I am still in the height of morning sickness and I always feel sick lately).

To keep you posted about my pregnancy journey, yesterday I was admitted in the Mediclinic City Hospital due to hypertension.


Actually I wasn’t aware that my blood pressure was quite high during that time because we only came there for check-up. I’ve been experiencing pain kasi on my abdomen and to make sure that everything is doing well with Baby Wiggle, hubby and I decided to passed by in Mediclinic City Hospital.

The nurse in the Triage Room interviewed me and did the routine check. After checking my BP she said “ate mataas ang BP mo di ka ba nahihilo?”. To my surprised I said “di naman baka napagod lang ako sa byahe”. She assisted me in the other room and let me rest in the ER for a while to monitor my blood pressure.

The second time they checked instead of bumaba lalo pang tumaas maybe because I was in panicked na kasi first time na tumaas sia ng 189/110 ata.


When they saw the repeat test the doctor ordered for ECG test right away. I was like “what’s going on”? We were waiting for the result of the exam when the OB Gyne on duty came, she asked me questions before performing the ultrasound. The BP was quite alarming that’s why they decided to check the condition of Baby Wiggle.

Thank goodness that Baby Wiggle is fine but Dr. Shamad said she will order for transvaginal.
Right after Dr. Shamad assured us that everything is fine with Baby Wiggle another doctor came. He explained to us (hubby and I) that my pregnancy has nothing to do with my hyperetension. Normally, daw blood pressure will arise after 20 weeks eh 8 weeks pa lang ako. So he said that I can’t leave the hospital unless they will perform the blood and urine test. Parang gusto kong sabihin na “doctor di po ako nagpagupit para mag stay sa hospital, mag mall po ako today..”hahahaha

So as per ordered of the doctor we stayed and waited for the result. While waiting I talked to hubby.

Me: Daddy, last na baby naten to parang di na kaya ng katawan ko?

Daddy: Wag ka nmang ganyan, mommy. (playing candy crush pa yan)

Me: OO nga, dad! Madami ka ngang anak ikaw lang magpapalaki kasi shorbak na ko, Gusto mo ba yun? – (in nakakaawang tono).

Daddy: deadma..

While waiting for the lab test results we ate pizza muna, I am so hungry na din kasi.When the doctor appeared again, he’s holding my result na. He said that everything is normal except for the urine. Parang me nakitang something but he’s not ruling out na infection nga yun so he will send it to the laboratory again for culture test. It will take 3 days daw for the result.

After a while I was released and referred to the Internal Medicine. I’ll come back today for follow up.

Hay, I hope everything will be ok na. Will you also pray for me and Baby Wiggle. The Radiology confirmed that they will also do the transV today.

Anyway, I super like sa Mediclinic City Hospital. Nurses and Doctors are all attentive and very maasikaso. Very soft-spoken din sila and they are all maalaga. Super nice pa the facilities and very prompt sa pag schedule




One thought on “Hello Wednesday I’m Back!

  1. everything will be ok mom, just like last time with our little A, with His grace and mercy evrything will be fine, we just hold-on to our faith in God’s love for His children.


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