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Little A’s school and assesment..

Hello everyone! I just want to share how happy I am.Today, I received the email from the school’s registrar informing us that Angelo passed the assesment exam. He will be FS 2 this school year. It pays off lahat ng aming activities. So happy that the simple activities helped him a lot.

I’m beginning to be so sentimental knowing that our son is growing so fast.

while waiting he's looking at the student's artworks
while waiting he’s looking at the student’s artworks

The assesment was set at 1pm, Thursday.There were 4 sets of questionaire from coloring (color recognition),literacy (beginning sounds),writing to math skills (number recognition).

 To make Angelo comfortable and at ease the teacher asked for his name and how old is he. Then she asked Angelo if he has favorite cartoon character.

photo (12)

After the little chickahan, she proceeded to the set of questions. For color recognition – She  scattered color pencils on the table and let Angelo grab the right color for the apple and the leaf.She also instructed Angelo to color the picture. I can see that she’s observing how Angelo will hold the pencil. Then she proceeded to the literacy. Angelo needs to match the picture to the beginning sounds of the letters. Not that I am his mother but I saw how confident he is while matching the sounds…haha ( stage mommy alert)

Next, is the number recognition. Angelo will match the number with the same number. Lastly, is the counting skills.There are numbers given and Angelo needs to encircle the the right quantity.Like for instance nakasulat sa test paper 2, kelangan bilugan nia two triangles so on and so forth. She also tested if Angelo is familiar with the shapes.  During the assesment di ako mapakali as in! I am so tense and nervous. Pano pa kaya kung board exam na! hahaha..

photo (19)

I can only wish for one thing – that he may enjoy schooling and gain more friends!
Congratulations little A..Mommy,Tita Keke and Daddy A are so proud of you.



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