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Pre – Writing Skills – Pasta Necklace

This was a really great project for us because lately I have been looking for good activities to keep Angelo occupied in preparation this school year. He will be kindergarten (in just a few more months! I’m so excited!!)

There’s always something fun to do when you are indoors on a Saturday activities.

And one of it is making a pasta necklace, with supplies you might already have in your kitchen cupboard.

We made this activity when he was two years old. But he didn’t pay much attention.

Today was a good start to practice his fine motor skills. I did not realize how much Angelo would enjoy making these pasta necklaces! He was excited about every step, and loved wearing his necklace around the house for the rest of the day.







uncooked pasta such as ziti, penne, or macaroni.
Shoe lace or yarn

To make your own pasta necklace let your child thread the beads through, And kept on stringing. Angelo enjoyed it long enough to make two necklaces.
How sweet! One for daddy A and me. We are short of shoelace so nothing for Tita Keke!




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