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Destination: Purity with Julie Hiramine

Generally, Friday here  is what we call “family day.” But we can’t just miss this parenting seminar at Trader’s Hotel Deira.

“Julie Hiramine and her team at Generations of Virtue have been helping moms and dads instill character in their children for years now. Guardians of Purity combines common sense and biblical wisdom to help parents guide their kids through the choppy waters of our sex-saturated culture.”

Basically, it is a seminar to help equip us (parents) with tools to empower our children for purity in our world today. I seldom see this nowadays, and so it quite refreshing and encouraging especially for us newly parents.

During the seminar Julie emphasized that “family should be the big influence of our kids’. That building a strong relationship with our kids is the main key.In a world where behavior-modification  is so often encouraged.It is so much more convenient to be willing to talk with our children and walk through things and get into their music, and into their social media and all different things. It doesn’t mean that we accept  everything that our children are doing. We have to explain the reasons behind our “NO’s” so we have strong boundaries, but a lot of positive input.

Having good behavior is one thing; Having the right heart– a heart transformed and turned toward God, is another thing. We discipline because we want to take what is shown to us externally, to address the issues that are internal. We discipline not just to make our children do the right things, but for them to have the right heart.

The seminar is very timely since Angelo is on the stage of exploring world. Julie specifically mentioned about family devotions.I totally agreed when she mentioned this. This is one of the best ways to grow closer to God as a family. With our busy lives sometimes all we can manage is an impromptu prayer session where each member of the family shares a prayer request and we all pray together. But there are lots of other ideas are taking turns reading through a devotional book or listening to the Bible online.

Family devotion can only be 15-30 minutes of our time but anything we do to come together before the Lord as a family can be a family devotion!

We want to raise children whose hearts are turned toward God— children who would love Him with all their heart, mind, and strength. It’s important to show to our children what a healthy relationship looks like, choosing to worship God.trusting HIM to be our source, and fill our needs.

I remember the bible verse from 1 Peter 5:7 (Leave all your worries with God for HE cares for you. Most of the time we tried to shelter our children from the real world because of our fear that it may lead them into the wrong directions. But the goal of the seminar is to see more parents and children involved in each other’s lives (in a positive way)— even beyond their teenage years.To see more of the next generation rise up as a response to the mentoring and discipleship that occur in their homes. I am believing for more children who will grow up to embrace the values that their parents would teach them.

Of course, I also pray for the parents, that we will be the first ones who will lovingly guide and shepherd our children’s hearts. I pray that we will not need to shove our values down their throats, but that as we live our lives with integrity, they would want to embrace our faith and values as well. I pray that the things we love and believe in, would be a family affair— in agreement with our spouse, and owned by our children.







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