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Pre – Writing Skills – Easel Writing

Do you know that there are a few shapes that need to be mastered in order to write. I don’t know if they have to be mastered in order to be able to write, but it may help with neat handwriting and cause less frustration. Some of these shapes include vertical lines , horizontal lines , circles and etc.

I knew our easel will play a big role in preparing the little tot to write.My aim is to help him to write without switching hands and strengthening his arms.

Chalk help create drag so it’s an easy way to help strengthen his hand and pincer grasp.

Materials :

Easel or A3 paper taped on the wall

Chalk or pencil


Draw dots to be connected on the easel. We started with vertical which Angelo find it easy. As he get more proficient we tried horizontal,zigzag and curves or slopes. maybe next week we’ll try shapes.

Here’s the sample of our pre-writing activities








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