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LOVE is full of SURPRISES…

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Days?

Mine was so kilig and very romantic.

I didn’t expect for any romantic surprises from hubby,since he moved to his new job he’s schedule is very tight.

Little did I know may kutchabahan na plang nagaganap. When I came home that night I was surprised with a special dinner prepared by Raquiza. Ok, to be honest I knew she’ll cook kasi night duty pa naman sia but I didn’t know that she will make an effort pa of making it extra special.


February may be the shortest month yet this the most romantic.,right?

She made sure that I’ll come home and just chillax na lang. Yehey! I don’t need to slave myself in the kitchen..Thank you sister!! She also made a collage of hubby and I. Ang sweet!! Daming pasabog!!


When I entered inside the room I saw another surprise on our bed. My heart skipped a bit as I came closer.

A teddy bear,rose and LV box..


I was over the moon sa sobrang saya. Happiness! Feel na feel ko yung note. Kasi naman the last time hubby  gave me card eh ages ago pa.

Napaiyak nia din ako sa message nia dun. So when I saw the note my heart melt parang ang haba ng hair ko..hehe

I feel so loved,blessed and I am so lucky to deserve all of this gestures.

Honey, thank you for all the love and appreciation mo. Thank you for making me happy always. Thank you for always pamering me and thank you for taking seriously ang motto naten life is too short kaya we should always express and say how much we love each other. I love you to the moon and back.


3 thoughts on “LOVE is full of SURPRISES…

  1. Nice! So happy for you girl! We deserve all the love we receive from our family since we also love them back with all our heart. May God continue to bless your family all the days of your life. *wink*


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