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Double Treat Celebration @ Dubai Creek Park

If my memory serves right I first met this group 5 or 6 years ago. They were so intact that I am so overwhelmed with their closeness. They welcomed me as part of their group and I never felt like “OP” or out of place..We clicked right away because they were all easy to be friend with.

But we can’t deny the truth that as the  the friendship continue to grow our family is also growing fast and solid.

What amazed me more is that we witnessed how each other transform from being a happy-go-lucky couple to a more matured and responsible parents.

mga nene at totoy..

Dati kasya pa kami sa frame ng camera even without siksikan pero ngayon bawal na huminga para magkasya kami.

photo 28

Ngayon we have the new generation na! Our kiddos..

One month from now there will be new addition to the family. The baby boy of JM and Tenz will arrive soon! How cool is that?! To welcome the arrival of the new bundle of joy they invited us for a double celebration.Baby shower and at the same time birthday bash of a soon-to-be dad – JM.


We made sure to free our schedule so we can see DH friends again. I even reminded daddy A and Raquiza to make sure that we should come on time. Oh well, kami lang naman ang laging late sa lahat ng mga parties..hehe

So it’s really surprising for them seeing us for the first time to be the first. As in early birds!Umabot na kami sa opening prayer ni Icel.Woohooo!!

And because we were still early Raquiza and I had the chance to do pictorials muna. Mala nature lover lang ang peg..



photo (15)

One of the reason why I always loved to attend gathering with DH family aside that I enjoyed their company but mainly because it’s instant playdate.

Little A had fun playing baseball game with Justine.

dubai creek2

For the soon-to-be -parents – here’s a piece of advise..


 Matulog na kayo ng matulog sa ngayon kasi pag lumabas si baby “ngarag mode na”..hehe.

But seriously, take one step at a time. It’s an overwhelming experience yet very rewarding.

Along the journey there will always be unwanted and unsolicited advise from others but always follow your instinct.  Don’t stick to the books – every child is a unique one.

Enjoy and Welcome to the world of parenthood…


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