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Prayer and Fasting Thoughts

Couple of days ago I asked Raquiza if she has a list of her faith goal for this year. And she replied me with “wala ate” I am fasting because I have been so much blessed for the year 2012 and I am just giving back all the honor and praise for him. Then I said “ako din ” wala kong maisip na faith goal ko as in empty list.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, let me explain as briefly as I could…

Every start of the year, our church calls on everyone (whoever wants to join) to go on a five-day prayer and fasting. This is the time when we consecrate ourselves to God corporately, and together we believe God for breakthroughs in every area of our lives. In line with this, we usually make a list of the many things we are believing God for– be it in the area of ministry, family, health, finances, etc. We call this our “faith goals“. This list is usually an acknowledgement that with God all things are possible!

For the past year I never tried doing the prayer and fasting because I am so afraid na magutum..joke! But seriously, this year, however, is a bit different I am now on my third day of our journey and I must say that it’s not easy to commit on a liquid fasting type.
On the first day I survived with corn soup and sinigang soup for the whole day and lots of water.
Yesterday was almost same except this time I cooked Alphabet soup and again lots of water.I also drank chocolate drink because I can feel that I’m beginning to become restless, I was so exhausted and feel so weak that I almost tempted to bite the pastillas in our fridge.Yay! It’s very close to biting it but God gave me wisdom to exercise my self-control. I put back the sweet and closed the container.When I returned to our dining table and sipped my soup again I realized that ganon lang ba kaliit ang faith ko in just a matter of small pastillas I will break my fast.

Fasting is like humbling myself to God and dedicating five days of feeding my soul with his word is much worthy than filling my stomach with delicious foods.

Back to my faith goal list,I haven’t come up with a list yet, and I feel that God wants me to come with a blank list instead.I will just let HIM fill up my list with HIS own plan for our family. Not my will but his will.He wants me to come to Him– to seek Him, to be fully satisfied with Him.
To believe by faith the 2013 is a year or miracles and answered prayers.

Happy fasting everyone..


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