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New Year Eve Celebration

Hello everyone! How did you welcome 2013?Do you have New Year’s traditions that your family celebrates?

In the belief of ushering in a prosperous New Year we also follow some of the traditions that we inherited from my mother.

For Noche Buena we cooked Creamy Carbonara to signify long life. We also serve traditional delicacies made from malagkit (glutinous or sticky rice) like ang pamatay na biko ni Keke —that’s so good fortune will stick around throughout the year. Assorted fruits are also in our table these signify a month of a prosperous year.Di din kami nagluto ng chicken kasi daw buong taon kang “isang kahig isang tuka” sabi nga ni ake for 27 years in her life she never recalled seeing chicken or fish being served in our table.So erase ang supposed to be Roasted Chicken and replaced by Lechon Kawali pero inoven kaya ang lutong ng balat..yummy! Raquiza cooked her signature Yangchow Fried Rice while I cooked Buttered Garlic Shrimp. I forgot to purchased 7-up kaya I cooked the shrimp in orange juice and oyster sauce. Sarap ng sarsa as in!
Our cake is from ate Sherly. Natabunan ang No Bake Cheesecake ko kaya di ko nahain. And for the first time I prepared Fruit Salad. Nalimutan ko na ang paggawa nito simula ng lagi nilang sinasabing nagkakatonsilitis sila sa tamis..haha

The same goes for the neatness of our home. Daddy A vigorously cleaned and declutter everything especially ang lalagyan ko ng bags. Ang ayos na nila promise!
While in the Philippines go all out with the noise on New Year’s eve using all the paputok, in our home we only used torotot to scare away evil spirits.

But what makes our New Year Eve extra special is we always end our year with a whole-hearted prayer.






How about you are you a big fan of New Year?


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