Posted in Christmas Calendar Countdown, Yuletide Season 2012

Day 25 – Opening of Christmas presents

This Christmas our family has so much to be thankful for. For one thing, my sister is here with us.No wonder that  being with her makes the christmas countdown extra memorable.

One of my family’s favorite Christmas traditions is the opening of christmas presents under our tree.

After the Christmas-everything is over and we are all ready to just sit around and enjoy the bits of wrapping paper and ribbons that are twirling around our toes.

The little boy could not wait for this time. He keeps on asking if it’s time na to open all the gifts under our tree.

It’s proven that our little boy is trully blessed with all the people around us. He’s so loved! His laughters and excitement is contagious.

Thank you so much Tita Aemi and Ann for his Zoo Lego. Tita Ann thank you for the new book. You just don’t know na sobrang happy si mommy to add The Giving Tree in our collection.

Tita Raquiza’s gifts were so precious as well as the little boy requested to have new Hot Wheels. In addition she also gifted him Fitflops. Yehey!!



Thank you Daddy for the Ice Cream Set. Now we can eat more flavor. The little boy kasi likes to play pretend Ice Cream Shop and he’s always asking what flavor we want to order.



I already mentioned how I like Veggie Tales kaya nman I ordered Veggie Tales Bible from Amazon. Happy!!

It was such a cheerful countdown for our little boy regardless of stresses of life.

From our family to yours Merry Christmas!!


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