Posted in Christmas Calendar Countdown, Learning through play, Our little man, Yuletide Season 2012

Day 16 – Frosty the Snowman…

Here in UAE we never experience snow but rather sand storm..hehe
But that never stopped us to love anything that has to do with snow…especially the jolly snowman.

For Day 16 of our 25 days of cheerful christmas we made snowman craft.


Carton paper
Tempera paint ( white, black and red )
Googly eyes
Paint brush
Glue ( i used super glue)
Cotton ( not in the picture )


For a mommy like me with less time because of household chores.Here’s something simple but clever craft project for you and your kiddo.



Three circles traced on a large sheet of cardstock; glue; cotton balls. Voila! Add googly eyes and decorate with paint and you’ve got a jolly buddy!
Add a hat, scarf, or other accessories and have fun!






By putting a little bit of time and creativity into a project, little A always have something he feel proud of to show to his daddy..


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