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Little A’s Metro Train experience

photo (1)
first time sumakay nakatyo pa..still happy pa din
photo 3
he’s asking if I can carry him para makita nia view..
photo 4
di nakatiis ung mama pinaupo na kami..Thank you mamang pogi!


Couple of days ago we went to Dubai World Trade Center for Mother Baby and Child show. It’s a family show that caters mainly for the family,newly parents and most especially for the wee ones.

Since we came late we didn’t see Spongebob,Spiderman and Dora. As usual the little boy got so frustrated especially when he can’t find his favorite popcorn. Last year kasi there was one booth na namimigay ng free popcorn. Akalain mo yun natandaan nya pa yun.

To cut the story short instead of spending our time inside the hall we just went to the next hall for some extra shopping.

Savex discount offers up to 80% discount with all the branded items like Nine West,Charles and Keith,Aeropostle,Naturalizer, to name a few.

At dahil nga super late na medyo nagkaubusan na ng sizes but I was lucky though to grabbed a pair of stiletto shoes from Nine West. So cheap!

Santa Claus was with me and asked me to pick whatever I want and she’ll pay for it. Bongga!!Aww kabog ang daming pera! Wooohoooo.I wanted to roam around pa to shop kaso nga the little boy was so cranky because of that popcorn.

So we just went outside na lang and found food cart that sells corn instead. He’s happy na after eating 1 cup of shredded corns.

We have no car that day because hubby went to his colleague’s birthday treat. So all by myself lang ang peg namin. It was a nice experience riding on the train with little A. This was not my first time but still I feel giddy kasi excited ang anak ko.Tingnan nio naman kung pano ko sya hawakan kasi he wanted to ride on the other train eh sa kabilang side kaya yun..hehehe..



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