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Christmas game for toddlers

Looking for a christmas game that would fit for toddlers? Why not play ” Decorate a human tree”

Last Friday was the christmas party of the Kids Ministry. Being an active teacher I was assigned along with Teacher Rose to prepare a game for Level 1.

Since I knew that the age bracket of Level 1 are mainly between 3-6 years, I made sure that the game will be easy for them to understand and execute.

In short we prepared simple game yet exciting pag nilaro na.


Green and Red Crepe Paper
Post – it
Sticker (particularly star)
Christmas clip arts

How to play:

Arrange children into two or three teams and ask one toddler, if applicable, to pose as a human tree.


Give each pair of children rolls of green and red crepe paper, christmas clip arts ( we glued the clip arts to the post-it notes for easy use)



The kids and parents wraps green crepe paper around the “tree,” then uses the red crepe paper as tinsel and stick the clip arts to serve as ornaments.

When it’s finish put the star on the forehead and shout “merry christmas”

The team with the most creatively decorated “tree” wins the game.




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