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Day 7 – Let the celebration begin!

To make it more easier for our christmas countdown we’ve got all wrapped up this month with fab parties and festive get- together with friends.

For day 7 of our 25 days of cheerful christmas we attended the Kids Ministry Christmas party held at Al Qasba Corniche. The party was potluck so we brought the signature dish of Raquiza Chicken-Pork Adobo and Fried Rice. Sobrang kumita sa takilya at nag blockbuster ang aming dalang food. Simut- sarap!



The theme was ” The Amazing Family Race”


Basically there were 12 teams that will compete. The names of the team were derived from the 12 apostles. We were in Team Luke.


The mechanics:
there will be 3 legs or challenges that we need to finish, I and little were assigned to complete the leg 1.
In leg 1 little A need to build a pyramid out of cups. When he’s done we need to read the next instruction that will lead us to the next challenge which is the POP or HOP. In POP they will give balloon na kelangang hipan para lumobo. It’s very hard naman yun so I chose HOP. The balloon should be in between our legs and we need to hop until we reach the finish line. It’s really funny seeing parents hopping with their kiddos.


The next clue lead us to scavenger hunt. We need to find 5 christmas decors that were hidden on the sand. The easiest part for me!



But the most challenging part for me was the last challenge. Each of the team needs to solve the puzzle. Eh sob rang liit ng mga pieces plus tense ka so my mind was not really working. Haha.



Though we were not part of top three still we had so much fun. Kudos to the organizers and teachers!



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