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Day 11 – Footprints Christmas Tree

Most of the comment I usually hear from people about little A are:

Ale: How old is he
Me: 3 years old
Ale: Ang laki grabe!


Miss: Laking bulas te tsaka ang lusog!
Me: pera usog po

Or kaya nman..

Mama:How old is he
Me:3 po
Mama: Ay akala ko 5 na ang laki nia kasi.

These comments make me realized that every day my son is growing so fast! Everytime we would weigh him or measure his height it seems that he have grown another two inches, in just a matter of short period.

As a mom it’s so rewarding to always capture his sweet little features… like his little feet!

For Day 11 of our 25 days of cheerful christmas we made a footprints christmas tree art.

white canvas
Tempera paint (green, red and yellow)
Paint brush
And of course little feet
Fabric paint (not in the picture)



Paint the feet with green and red for toes.




Make sure that the canvas is ready and let your kiddo step on to it.


While waiting for the canvas to dry l let little A to play with the paint. He wanted to mix the colors and paint his body.



After bathing him, we checked again if the canvas was completely dry na I’m excited na ksi to proceed to the next step.

My favorite part. The decorating the christmas tree.


We used the 3D outliner fabric paint for the ornaments. I also helped him to write his name and the the year it was created.


But the little boy was so excited and wants to add rainbow pa daw.


Presenting our Obra Maestra!


So happy with his artwork.





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