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Day 5 – Handmade Wrapping Paper


Truly one of the most wonderful parts of Christmas is that everything is magnified through the eyes of our children. Coming up with ideas of things that would delight them.

For Day 5 of our 25 days of cheerful christmas we chose to make handmade wrapping paper.

Craft paper (I’ve got mine for free from Home Centre) The last time we purchased items from them I asked our kabayan if I can have more papers and she gave me bundle. Hehe..
Foam sponges
Cookie cutter
Tempera paint
Washi tape (my fave)

Little A used the sponges and stamp with it all over the paper.

What I love about this activity is that there really isn’t a wrong way to make it, plus it’s so much more FUN to make your own!


Allow to dry completely and wrap up your holiday gifts!!


Verdict: Frugal. Fun. Festive

Happy gift wrapping!



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