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Day 2 – Snowmen Handprint Ornament

For Day 2 of our 25 days of cheerful christmas – we made Snowmen Handprint Christmas ornament.

Since we loved placing special ornament for our tree like this cute little snowman. .


This year I’m thinking of creating a DIY memorable christmas ornament that we can hang every year.

Christmas balls (medium size, solid color of your choice)
White craft paint
Sharpie markers in a few colors


I ask little A to paint his entire hand using white paint and brush

Then I carefully put the ornament in his palm leaving his fingers flat.
Next is we slowly closed his fingers around the ornament while I am holding the top ornament,after few seconds I asked him to open his finger so I can lift the ornament from his hand.
Once dry, I used sharpie markers to draw accents i.e. arms, eyes, hat, etc.

Note:  Don’t press too hard or the paint will come off.

I wrote little A’s name and year on the bottom so we know when it was done.


Verdict: I loved it and i am pleasantly surprised how easy it was.

Enjoy DIY- ing your own christmas ornaments!


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