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Little A inherited he’s pagiging kulot with his dad. Both of them has wavy hair. So ampanget pag humaba parang ang kapal. As much as we wanted not to stress ourselves and little A over the hair cut issue, we have no choice but to go to Kids Salon.

The night before the schedule we talked to him and convinced him that tito needs to cut his hair again and tito (the stylist) will never hurt him and nothing to be scared of being in the salon.

Come Friday morning we are so worried that he might cause a scene again just as last time. You know the one they all go through.

But miracle happen!

Only a mommy would get teary over her kid NOT  throwing a temper tantrum..

Is this the sign that he’s really growing up na??

This time… I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, better behaved little  guy.

And we made some really great memories that day…

Sana magtuloy-tuloy na!

Bagay nia ang gupit nia noh?? Gupit binata! So cute


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