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Snow White Princess Birthday Party


designed and created by the talented Aemi

Dressy is a 4-year-old girl who loves Snow White so much that Donya Dresden (her mom) and Mayor Ronel (her dad) designed for her a unique themed birthday party. I think all the lovely details speak for themselves. Dressy was very happy with her party despite she’s not feeling well. Though the birthday girl was feverish she’s still bubbly and cheerful cute little princess.

The theme was a bit of royalty, while still remaining whimsical and kid friendly! How could have a Snow White character without apples.

 Poisonous apples were displayed on the sweet table, magic cupcakes were embellished with personalized wrapper, printable Snow White paper dolls were generously spread on the food buffet and a pretty Snow White cake are all elements that brought this storybook theme to life.

The venue was held at the newly opened restaurant in Deira Dubai – The Wok Restaurant. Great food requires a great chef and the The Wok Restaurant must have been lucky to acquired the expertise of chinese delicacies. The buffet table was superb and one of our favorite is the Soy Chicken.

Keeping with the Snow White theme, the menu was labelled with anything related to the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Wishing Well Soup,Dwarf Chicken Roll,Ravishing Pineapple Squid,Grumpy’s Potato Salad,Enchanted Forest Rice,Miner’s Noddles,Dopey’s Soy Chicken,Hi-Ho Fish Fillet ,Bashful Veggie,Jello Gems Buko Pandan,Bejeweled Mango ,Snow White Drops,Magic Cup Cakes

To help the guests get in the party mood, they set up photobooth which we really enjoyed. How adorable is the huge picture of Dressy printed and cut to put on the backdrop frame.

A sweet little “thank you” kids took home personalized Snow White movie to which
Dressy is the main character. Yeah- it was the famous fairy tale but with
Dressy’s face.

She also gave each kids a pack of chocolates from Candylicious. Happiness!!

Happy Birthday again Dressy!! May you enjoy your childhood and continue to bring joy to your mom and dad..


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