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Christmas tradition- Christmas picture

I have a few Christmas traditions we will do with little A every year.

One of these that I truly love and have done this year,was to take picture of little A standing in our Christmas tree.

I wish I had started this tradition as soon as he was born but unfortunately I didn’t. So I will share with all of you, so you can perhaps enjoy this from when your little ones are really little.

This part is not the important part..but I know I need to share it anyway:) I bought a picture frame at IKEA for aed 5. Print his last year picture and adhere on the frame.My one rule was that each every year he will hold the frame with his picture taken on the previous year.

And every year we will look back as a family and see how thing have changed over the year. Cute eh??

Sounds easy but with an active toddler it’s very hard to asked him to give his cute smile. But what do you expect from a 3 year old cute little boy! hehehe


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