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The party night ensembles..

First of all, please allow me to share this I just really need to blog this because first I seldom see my colleagues (filipina) in an alluring and dazzling outfit.Second they all look pretty..Don’t you think so??

Kaya please bear with me. I know we are not fashonista but I just want to keep this for the record para me pang asar ako sa kanila..They are not maarte like me!! hehe

Di ba nga it’s our company’s party yesterday and we made sure to dress accordingly,knowing how this event are such huge things we wanted to make sure we wore the right dress to the said occassion.

Let’s all take a moment to check out the gorgeous ladies..

Outfit recap: dress from Forever 21; fab shoes – from New Look..

She look so hot!! Doesn’t she??

Who would have thought that this seductive woman is already a mother of two(boy and girl) and happily married. We always referred her as one of associate partner of our company.

When we need something to air in the management, we will teased her to talked to them in our behalf …haha

Outfit recap – Splash dress,New Look shoes and fab tussle earrings from Splash!!

The sweet-sweetan peg!

Call our office and she’ll answer the phone with a british accent! Our british/american/filipina colleague/dear friend/loveable receptionist.

Outfit recap: ensembles from H&M with bib necklace Forever 21

Simple yet so class..Super like the bib necklace!!

The lady behind the green pages listings. Beware gents! She’s taken already!!

outfit recap: dress from ELLE collection,New Look Shoes,Forever 21 bib necklace and 168 mall headpiece..

My gypsy inspired peg..The effect of not allowed to wash the hair for days..hehe

I’m the face behind the artwork department. The super taray-tarayan head of artwork..haha

For my make up I went for the basic with bright red lips look. My red lipstick shade for this event was Channel Gipsy Scarlet.

I super dooper like my headpiece..actually mura lang sya nabili ko sa Divisoria way back 2010. Since I am happy with my locks I might be using this headpiece over and over again..Hahaha..

my gypsy inspired look

I had a great and super fun night with these beauties..

As I am about to end this post, here’s a photo of us in a wacky shot..

Thank you ladies for allowing me post your outfit! My gosh you are all gorgeous!


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