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21 years of keeping you connected..

Happy birthday to us,happy birthday to us..happy birthday..happy birthday..happy birthday to us..

Wow, I can’t believe that Connector is 21

 years old this month. That’s a total of 252 issues of keeping our dear readers

 connected to everything that’s happening in around Dubai. More than two decades

 in a publishing industry- is an absolutely achievement! Although

 recession hit UAE we are still hugely popular complimentary lifestyle magazine,

 boasting the highest distribution rates in Dubai.

As a little thank you for the continuous support of our dear clients, we had a cocktail party at the FAI lounge at The Palace– The Old Town.

One of Downtown Dubai’s social destinations, FAI the cocktail lounge at The Palace– The Old Town offers a perfect juxtaposition of fire and water, with torches lighting the area, and surrounded by Burj Lake.

Guests indulge over free flowing wine and canapés while grooving to the latest tunes
dished out by FAI’s resident DJ, with a devouring magical views of Burj Khalifa,
the world’s tallest building, and The Dubai Fountain..

The night were filled with laughters and chikahan that we didn’t even noticed the time..

To Connector team..Happy Birthday again!


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