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Teaching bible verse to kids – Ephesians 5:16

Good morning, madlang people! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Can you believe that we are now in midweek of  October? Seriously…where does the summer go? Here in UAE the temperature is starting to cool down and this is the perfect weather to enjoy outdoor activity. I can smell BBQ party..hehe

Anyhoot, today I’ll share the fun activity we did last Friday in our Kids Church. I was assigned again to teach the Level 1 – Preschool and our  lesson is about ” Using TIME to please GOD”.

To give life to the story of Paul using his time for Jesus (Acts 18: 1-11), I thought of pretend play. The idea is like as if they are watching TV,our baking tray served as our LCD- TV.I printed paper dolls for Paul,Priscilla, Aquilla and Jews. I added magnetic strip on each doll.

After narrating the story.We reviewed them by asking questions like Where did Paul go? or Do they think God was pleased with the way Paul used his time in Corinth? This is also the best time to squeeze in the memory verse.

To make memory verse easy and fun activity. I gave each child their own clock. I glued the verse on the hands of time explaining that the best use of our time is to spend it in pleasing God. A simple reminder for them to use their time wisely.

Ephesians 5: 16.

Tic-Toc -Make-the

Tic – Toc -best use

Tic – Toc – of your

Tic -Toc – TIME

For extra fun – I also offered stickers as well.Who wouldn’t like stickers??

I remember when I was a child my classmates and I would exchanged our stickers (Rainbow Brite) stationaries and kisses (ung nanganganak daw pag nilagay sa bulak..hahaha)#childhoodmemories.

Because I knew it will be hard for me to get activity stickers I improvised. I google images of a child praying,reading bible,going to school,taking a bath, helping parents doing household chores and printed it on the sticker label. Viola! Instant hit!!

While doing the arts and crafts with kids they were so excited even little A discuss his time management with my co-teacher Odette. Teacher Odette was so helpful she’s one of senior teacher. She’s strict yet very charming to the kids.The kids were so thrilled to share their activities.

Don’t you just love the part where parents are entrusting their child to us for a couple of hours. And us as a teacher we are given a task to mold the minds of these little people.

For me they maybe too young at their age but if we continue to nurture them with gospel then in God’s grace we can expect that we will have a great future leaders.

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart
from it.

Have a Blessed Sunday everyone..


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