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Tame your mane attraction

If you have ever thought of yourself to some hair treatment.Indulge in a little luxury with a Brazilian Keratin Hair treatment package at Royz Salon located in Golden Tulip,Al Barsha
Golden Tulip Hotel lobby
Roy Salon is located on the 1st floor of the hotel

Since coming to UAE, for whatever reason my hair just seems to be out of shape and getting thinner. There are some that says it’s the water,others because I gave birth to little A.Whatever the reason is, its real issue and no matter what I do I can’t seem to get back the thick,fullness bodied locks I once had.
Over the years I have tried different products but it looked like I was stuck with falling hair. Then I saw offer at Groupon Dubai- Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment,  Hair Cut, Wash & Eyebrow Threading for AED189 instead of AED 2250.Whoa! This is exactly what I need. A treatment that will repair my damaged hair and will bring radiance and glow to my locks. Yipeee!!
Then we became so busy that I forgot about it. Luckily Groupon is always sending reminder email. my voucher will expire today..hehehe
before the treatment – posing muna

I called the salon if  hair colouring is included in the package and the receptionist said that it is separate. Since I am prone to white hair and colouring is always an option for me I asked my sister Raquiza if she can dye my hair..hahaha. One of the perks of having a sister here.hehe

closer look of my hair
My appointment is set at 1pm but I came late due too kakuparang kumilos. But when we get there the salon was jam-packed maybe because our voucher is near to expiring.
Anyway, when I came there the kabayan from the reception gave me two options. Option one –  if I want my hair to be wash on the very same day then I need to pay extra aed 200 kasi daw they are using much concentrated product. Option two – use the voucher without paying extra but I can’t wash my hair for four days. Hmmm..this were not explained to me when I booked. I don’t have plans of paying extra so I asked the kabayan what’s the difference and she said the first one is formaldehyde free and the latter is with formaldehyde. Again I asked would that be a big issue and she said “no naman” it’s still the same formula,the same product but the first one is more advance kasi nga you don’t need to wait for days before you can wash it.
I took the second option na lang. Naisip ko 4 days lang naman carry ko na yun kesa naman I’ll pay aed 200 more.
The stylist prepared the set-up and within minutes she applied the treatment. After applying the treatment she informed me to wait for 30 minutes and then she will iron my hair after to make sure that the medicine will leave on my hair.
happy with my new locks..
I was genuinely impressed with the result. Goodbye to “mahangin ba sa labas look”.My hair felt great,full of volume that I hadn’t seen in years. And the whole process had taken one in a half hour only. When I asked about maintenance, I was advise not to clip my hair for a while and strictly follow rule DO NOT WASH for days.It sounds disgusting but it is recommended.
I was I also told if I want to give a full look,be sure to iron it first before washing. This will create a flirty look daw..

For booking and appointment

  • Call 04-3401415
  • Book at least 48 hours in advance /subject to availability
  • 12-hour cancellation policy applies

* Groupon is now offering same package, go and GRAB it!


3 thoughts on “Tame your mane attraction

  1. Hey..

    I just want to know if u still feel Royz is a good place to do the keratin treatment? I read a couple of bad reviews that are contrary to yours. Kind of confused if I should do it there now..


    1. Hi Sharon,

      Based on my experience I am satisfies with the result although result vary from person to person. My friend just had her Brazilian before her wedding and even her is happy with her hair. I suggest to visit the place first and check if you will like the place and how they will do the treatment.

      Thank you for visiting!


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